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EBARA Ships One of the World's Largest Boiler Feed Water Pumps to Power Plant in China

July 23, 2015

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) shipped one of the world’s largest Boiler Feed Water pumps to supercritical power plants *1 in China. These are the first single pumps capable of supplying water to a boiler of a 1,000MW *2 power plant.

Each one of these pumps is capable of supplying water to an entire plant, where two pumps were originally used to supply water. This is made possible by the pump’s large size, operational efficiency and low energy consumption. In addition, the pumps allow for the simplification of facilities such as peripheral equipment, thereby helping lower the costs for the overall plants.

Given the remarkable economic development of the country, steady demand related to the construction of new power plants and improving the efficiency of existing plants is expected to continue in China. EBARA has 30 years of experience delivering pumps to power plants in China, which has enabled it to gain the trust of local customers. Moving forward, it will continue to draw upon this experience as it works to meet the needs of the Chinese market. At the same time, EBARA will keep working to make global contributions by developing various pump technologies that support infrastructure all over the world.

One of the pumps at the Futtsu Plant before shipment
One of the pumps at the Futtsu Plant before shipment
Type HDB
Number of pumps shipped 2 (1 each delivered to two 1,000MW power plants)
Diameter 20 inches
Flow rate x total pump head x shaft power (approximate values) 3,200 t/h X 3,800m X 37,700 kW *3
Delivery destination Shandong Province, People's Republic of China
Shipment date May 2015
Order volume Approx. 500,000,000 yen
*1 : Generally, the term supercritical (SC) power plant refers to a large-scale thermal power plant at which the temperature of the main steam handled by the main power generation turbines is around 566°C, and the main steam pressure is around 25 MPa (pump outlet pressure: 34 MPa).
*2 : 1,000MW=1,000,000kW
*3 : The total pump head of each pump delivered this time is about 3,800 meters. This means that each is capable of pumping water to a height nearly equal to that of Mt. Fuji.