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EBARA Has Completed the Renewal of the Shinkawa-kako Drainage Pump Station

August 4, 2015

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) has completed the renewal of the Shinkawa-kako Drainage Pump Station in Niigata, Japan. The Shinkawa-kako Drainage Pump Station is one of the world’s largest drainage pump stations, boasting a drainage capacity of 240 m3 per second*. EBARA carried out the renewal of six pumps in total, one each year during the off-season for farmers. The renewal of the final pump was completed this year.

The Shinkawa-kako Drainage Pump Station began operation in 1970. The purpose of this station was to improve harsh drainage conditions in the Niigata Plain, and over the years it has helped to enhance agricultural productivity. After more than 40 years in operation, the condition of the facilities began to deteriorate, and the need for a complete repair emerged. EBARA was assigned to handle the renewal of the pump facilities, as well carry out the reinforcement and repair of the existing structure.

EBARA will continue to aid global development by providing a variety of products and services that support infrastructures such as drainage pump stations around the world.

Pump type Tubular pump with an adjustable blade axial flow
Pump diameter X Drainage amount X Total lifting height 4200mm X 40m3/second X 2.5m
Number of units 6
* The drainage capacity to pump all the water in a 25 m pool within a few seconds.