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EBARA constructs New Technology Development Center

November 13, 2018

Conceptional Drawing

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) will construct a new technology development center at the end of June 2019, under the name Building V6, it will be home to experiments and developmental activities for dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems the mainstay products of EBARA’s Precision Machinery Company. The center will be more than double the size of existing experimental facilities. EBARA conducted a groundbreaking ceremony on October 31.

1 . Background and Purpose
Amid the extent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors have been introduced to a wide range of objects and demand is rapidly increasing in the industrial sector. Accordingly, the market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is on an upward trend. Meanwhile, demand for dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems is expanding for applications such as advanced research and development facilities, analytical instruments and medical equipment. EBARA will continue to construct facilities and systems in order to respond to wide-ranging requests from customers for efficient development.
2 . Features of Building V6
・ The floor area and number of test benches are more than double that in existing experimental facilities.
・ It contains equipment for the introduction and treatment of process gases to simulate customers’ operating conditions.
・ It contains the demonstration room where customers can see the operations and behaviors of new products.
・ It integrates facilities for the development of dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems into a single location.
・ It has introduced a test data measuring system that incorporates IoT technologies.
3 . Future Developments
EBARA will strive to increase efficiency and speed in the development of dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems, and continue to provide products that meet the needs of customers in timely manner. In addition, EBARA will promote the development of integrated exhaust gas systems that combine dry vacuum pumps with gas abatement systems given that demand for such systems is mounting in a variety of sectors.
4 . Overview of Plan
Location: 4-2-1 Honfujisawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
Facilities: Experiments and development activities for dry vacuum pumps and exhaust gas treatment equipment
Building area: Approx. 2,245 m2
Construction scheduled to commence: November 2018
Construction scheduled to finish: End of June 2019
Construction cost: Approx. 1 billion

EBARA will continue its endeavors to supply high performance semiconductor manufacturing equipment that meets customers’ requests and upgrade its service and support structure in a bid to flexibly respond to the needs of customers in the rapidly changing semiconductor industry, and thereby expand its business.