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"Excellent Performance in CMP Equipment" award received from TSMC for Seven Consecutive Years

March 20, 2019

Masao Asami (left), President of the Precision Machinery Company of Ebara Corporation, receives the award from TSMC Chief Executive Officer Dr. C.C. Wei (right)

EBARA CORPORATION (hereinafter “EBARA”) has won an award for "Excellent Performance" from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taiwan. Hereinafter “TSMC”). This marks the seventh year in a row and the ninth time overall that EBARA has received the award.
The award ceremony was held at the 18th Annual Supply Chain Management Forum on December 6, 2018. More than seven hundred suppliers took part, with nine companies receiving awards.

1. Background
Each year, TSMC selects multiple supplier companies that have exhibited outstanding performance and provided service and support to present them with an Excellent Performance Award. Three achievements were cited as reasons for EBARA winning the award: remarkable support for R&D, comprehensive and thorough planning for the mas-production with the latest technology, and a dedicated executive task force for production yield improvement.

2. History of Awards from TSMC

  • 2008: Supplier Excellence Award(CMP equipment)
  • 2009: Supplier Excellence Award(CMP equipment)
  • 2012: Supplier Excellence Award(CMP equipment)
  • 2013: Supplier Excellence Award(CMP equipment)
  • 2014: Excellent Performance in CMP Equipment
  • 2015: Excellent Performance in CMP and Electroplating Equipment
  • 2016: Excellent Performance in CMP and Electroplating Equipment
  • 2017: Excellent Performance in CMP Equipment
  • 2018: Excellent Performance in CMP Equipment

3. Future Developments
To move forward, the Precision Machinery Company, one of EBARA’s core business segments that supplies semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components, will continue to offer products and services to boost customer productivity and help lower total costs.

By working on the medium-term management plan and tackling important ESG issues, the EBARA Group will strive to execute management policies, further enhance company value and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To provide support for customer sustainable production through improved resource efficiency

To maintain customer business continuity through service and support

To help customers reduce environmental impact through service and support