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"eDYNAMiQ", the Standard Pump Technology Brand

March 25, 2019

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) launched the brand "eDYNAMiQ", for standard pump technology of the company, in 2018.

1. Background
With a hope that EBARA’s passion for the various technologies accumulated over the course of its history is recognized by customers, we have developed a brand for our standard pump technology that is particularly used. "eDYNAMiQ" integrates the image customers have of EBARA’s standard pumps (including the product reputation and customer's expectations) and the passion of EBARA for the technology.

2. Characteristics (Overview)
 "eDYNAMiQ" is an acronym of Eco, Dynamic and Integrated Quality, and is a coined word that conveys the characteristics of standard pump technology. The brand concept consists of the three layers in the chart below. To achieve the final goal in the first layer, EBARA promises the value of an optimum solution and stunning solutions (saiteki-kai *1) for any use and situation, with extremely efficient technology in the second layer. The third layer shows that extremely efficient technology possible only with EBARA.

3. Future Development
The standard pump technology "eDYNAMiQ" has always evolved with the times. These technological advances are based on the concept of "eDYNAMiQ".

EBARA Group will continue to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by making efforts for the medium-term management plan and important ESG tasks to achieve its management policy and further enhance corporate value.

※1 saiteki-kai( “Stunning Solutions”) is a coined word blending optimum solution (saiteki) and comfort (kaiteki).

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