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"The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers” honors EBARA with awards

July 28, 2020

EBARA's Researchers receiving Medals and Certificates

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) proudly receives awards for its researchers’ paper “Study on the condition monitoring system for the sliding surface using machine learning”※1from The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) ※2.

1. Background
In accordance with its medium term management plan ”E-Plan2022”, EBARA aims at enhancing its development to build higher competitiveness in existing businesses and is tackling to construct systems that can provide optimum services to different markets, customers, countries and areas.

It is said that many failures of rotating machines are attributable to wear of machinery factors. In the past, diagnostic methods were of life time calculation based on experience and the time based maintenance that conducts periodical inspections relying on highly skilled professionals’ experience and five senses to identify abnormalities. However, in the recent studies, the condition monitoring maintenance method, which places the rotating machinery under surveillance for a certain period and implements maintenance at appropriate times based on failure signs, is becoming mainstream.

2. Award Winning Overview
In this research, we stepped in further to detect abnormalities automatically with high accuracy by machine learning collected data from multiple sensors and build systems to identify the factors so that we could tackle basic studies in regard to optimization of learning method in machine learning.

Reasons for receiving the Award:
・It is conceivable that the data collected in condition monitoring with objective to maintain machinery will contribute to building a model that can predict failures. It is also conceivable that the machine learning technology is adoptable to the condition monitoring maintenance.
・Most existing diagnostic technologies apply to rolling bearings which have high failure rates and few technology studies focus on sliding portions such as slide bearings thus these research data obtained are precious.
・It can be applied to tribology abnormality detection that is a common issue across the machine engineering area and its range of popularization is wide.

3. EBARA’s Future Development
We shall continue to study so that this research may contribute to prolonging lives of rotating machines and solving social problems through bettering efficiency of maintenance and inspections and cost reduction.

EBARA Group aims at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG materiality issues based on its long-term vision and mid-term management plan and makes efforts to further increase its corporate value.

1:To see the award winning paper:"Study on the condition monitoring system for the sliding surface using machine learning"
2:JSME is one of the largest academic experts groups in Japan with 35.436 members. Its members are comprised of engineers, researchers, students, and corporations who are involved in machinery related technologies which make the core of the technological society. And this society plans and conducts speech presentations, seminars, research breakout meetings, also is active in social edification through citizens’ forums as well as contributes proactively to the world though international congresses. JSME awards were established in 1958 “to encourage development of Japan’s mechanical engineering and industry”. This year, in addition to Outstanding Paper, the awards and medals are given to: Distinguished Engineers, New Technology, Young Engineers, Education, and Excellent Product.