Investor Relations

Message from the President

Toichi Maeda
President, Representative
Executive Officer

The EBARA Group has expanded its business domains through the development, manufacture, and sale of products that meet the needs of society since it was founded as a pump manufacturer in 1912. Today, we operate a corporation that consists of three businesses, the foremost being our Fluid Machinery and Systems Business which concentrates on rotating fluid machinery and systems such as pumps and compressors. Our other two businesses are our Environmental Engineering Business which handles all aspects of plants for waste and water treatment, and our Precision Machinery Business, which provides devices used in semiconductor manufacturing. We have contributed to social and industrial development while expanding our company’s businesses by resolving problems in the communities we serve. Such solutions include effective use of water resources with pumps, curbing climate change with environmental plants, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment to realize the comforts of an information-based society.

While the form differs slightly for each business domain, the EBARA Group operates an integrated business that ranges from marketing and consulting activities to production and post-delivery service and support (S&S).
The EBARA Group has grown along with the communities we serve for more than 100 years. We will continue to seek out growth markets for our products to ensure future growth of our business and will develop even stronger, stable relationships with customers across the world by enhancing post-delivery service and support for entire lifecycle of our products. Our aim in doing so is to earn greater trust from our customers and increase our corporate value. (→ “Management Philosophy” (formulated in September 2015))

In April 2017, we launched “E-Plan 2019,” our new medium-term management plan, to further our goals. This is the period during which we will unite under the slogan of “Unlimited challenge toward growth,” and determine what aspects of our business we must achieve the greatest growth in to meet the challenges that face us, even in the toughest of business environments. We will work to expand our business even further to become an industrial machinery manufacturer that conducts business and achieves growth on a global scale. (→ “E-Plan 2019” )
The EBARA Group will strive to create value on a continual basis by contributing to the communities we serve through our business activities as we steadily implement the policies of E-Plan 2019.