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Ebara Engineering Review No.212

Studies on a Methane Fermentation Process for Treating Oil and Fat Containing Food-processing Wastewater

by Naoaki KATAOKA, Lingyun HAO, Akiko MIYA, Kenichi ISHIDA, Norio YAMADA, & Takayuki SUZUKI

The performance of a methane fermentation process, which included a lipase pretreatment system for catalyzing the breakdown of oils and fats, was studied through batch and continuous experiments. The objects for treatment study were bean-curd-processing wastewater and frying oil containing wastewater. Batch experiment results indicated that lipase pretreatment effectively catalyzed 96% of triglyceride in the oil and fat containing wastewater, breaking it down into fatty acids, alcohol and gas. The methane gas conversion ratio was 80%. As for the continuous experiments, where thermophilic methanogenic treatment was applied on lipase pretreated oil and fat containing wastewater, the experiment results indicated a CODCr removal of 72% and a methane gas conversion of 61% (as CODCr). These study results suggested that combining lipase pretreatment with thermophilic methanogenic treatment was effective for digesting oil and fat containing wastewater.

Oils and fats, Bean-curd-processing wastewater, Frying-oil, Mesophilic methane fermentation, Thermophilic methane fermentation, Methane gas, Pretreatment, Lipase, Long-chain fatty acid, Triglyceride

High Pressure Packaged Booster System (Model F3100 BNEV)

by Kaoru YAGI, & Yuko KOYABU

A new F3100 series, inverter-equipped packaged booster system for use in high-rise buildings has been developed. This system, equipped with EBARA's new EVML pump, is capable of supplying water to 80 - 250 m. It meets the standard of effect to water quality stipulated by Japanese's law on waterworks, and the water it supplies is perfectly safe to drink. A backup function is included to continue the water supply when a pump failure occurs.

High-rise building, Energy saving, Inverter, Estimated constant end pressure control, Packaged booster system, Standard of effect to water quality, Backup, Controller, Analog board, Fuzzy control

Packaged Booster System for use with Submersible Deep-well Pump

by Kazutaka OKUDA

A packaged booster system, used with a submersible deep-well pump for drawing water from deep wells, has been newly added to EBARA's F3100 Series which features the use of inverters and constant end-pressure control. This system meets the current requirements such as energy saving, minimization of construction, minimization of installation space.

Deep well, Inverter, Submersible pump, Packaged booster system, Estimated constant end pressure control, Stainless steel, Energy saving

Model DWO Stainless Steel Volute Pump


The Model DWO stainless steel volute pump is designed for use under relatively high flow rates and low heads, and capable of operation even when there are foreign substances in the pumped water. Its main parts are made of stainless steel and it is equipped with a mechanical seal protector as a measure against the inflow of foreign substances, thus making it a semi-open type. The following outlines this pump and introduces its features.

Stainless steel press, Rust, Foreign substance, Mechanical seal protection, Washing machine, Volute pump, Spring, Compact, Light weight

Directly-driven type Multi-stage Fire Fighting Pump "Model FMFD"

by Masahito KAWAI, & Kazutaka OKUDA

EBARA's newly developed Model FMFD multi-stage fire fighting pump is a directly-driven type, featuring integrated pump and motor axes. This design satisfies the current demand for space-saving and compactness. Its discharge capacity is 900 L/min which considerably exceeds that of conventional same-scale fire fighting pumps. Plans are underway for developing larger bore series of this model.

Fire fighting pump, Fire fighting low, Fire fighting facility, Multi-stage pump, Direct driven motor pump

A Fluorine Recycling System with FTR Fluoride Acid Treatment and Recovery Equipment


A novel fluorine recycling system, comprising an FTR (Fluoride treatment for Triple R - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) electro-dialysis equipment has been developed. Development targets were centered on reduction of environmental impact by fluoride containing wastewater and realizing a fluorite recovery process on equipment capable of degrading-concentrating fluorine for easy recovery and reuse. The FTR electro-dialysis equipment features exclusively developed non-woven fabric for ion exchange, whose use has made it possible to treat highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid under unprecedented high membrane permeability, thus achieving a high separation-concentration performance. The fluorite recovery equipment produces crystallized CaF2, adequate for use as a recycled resource for hydrofluoric acid production plants. This system is expected to greatly contribute to environmental protection and resource availability for semiconductor and electronic part manufacturers.

Fluoride acid, Fluorspar, Wastewater, Environmental impact, Recycling, Electro-dialysis, Ion exchange non-woven fabric, Crystallization, Semiconductor, PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers)

Large-scale Vertical Volute Pumps without Check Valves for Deep Underground Drainage Pump Station

by Taku MIYAGI, & Koji ABE

Two large-scale, vertical volute pumps (discharge bore: 1500 mm and total head: 70 m) have been installed in a deep underground drainage pump station located about 80 m underground. These pumps feature space-conservation which was achieved by eliminating the use of check valves on the pump discharge side. These pumps are used to drain floodwater stored underground into Tokyo Bay, thus preventing floods.

Drainage pump station, Vertical volute pump, Pump dry operation, Without check valves, Speed control, Deep underground, Reversal prevention