Pumps Business

After Service

Ebara’s Aftercare and Maintenance service brings you peace of mind by offering the highest level of product and system support. Not only will you benefit from state of the art technologies, worry free installation and guidance from our engineers, you will also benefit from a partner that will support you through the entire lifecycle of production system and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Parts Supply

Supply consumable parts, replacement parts for aging. Also Ebara will correspond to various needs by the user's individual circumstances.


If the repair work or overhaul inspection is required, Ebara can performe these work at our own factories, the authorized repair factory or cooperation factories.


Ebara based on past experience, have proposed modification plan of the change of pump characteristics achieving the high-efficiency for energy-saving based on actual pump operation. Also propose material changes and various modifications of pump part for the extention of the life time.


Ebara propose the plan of periodical maintenance and preventive maintenance, or supervising these maintenance.


Ebara open training of pump maintenance at our factory.

Regenerative Technique

Ebara supply the part, repair work and modification for other OEM'S pump.
Through structural analysis, advanced computational analysis, and diagnostic technology, Ebara can re-engineer and upgrade your pump system avoiding the need for a costly overhaul. The Regenerative Technique can be used on any type of pump, standard-size or industrial. Even if old blueprints are lost or the design has become outdated, Ebara will be able to conduct a thorough system analysis.