Precision Machinery Business

Precision Machinery Business

Driving the evolution of semiconductors with high-precision manufacturing technologies.

Today’s leading manufacturers are transforming our lives, creating smaller devices with greater processing power than ever before. From smartphones and tablets to infrastructure devices such as cloud servers, Ebara’s Precision Machinery Company manufactures the highest precision tools and machinery that help build these devices. We are a leading manufacturer of vacuum and semiconductor machinery used in the manufacturing of wafers, liquid crystals, solar cells, and other products needing cutting edge technology. We are the chosen supplier to many of the world’s leading tech companies.

Dry Vacuum Pumps and Gas Abatement Systems

Ebara applies its proprietary motor, hydro, control, heat analysis, and processing technologies to develop compact and lightweight dry vacuum pumps that are energy efficient. Ebara's Model EV-S helps cut utility costs, reducing power consumption by 35%, compared to the company’s previous series of pumps. Meanwhile, Ebara's gas abatement systems can decompose and remove many kinds of gases, including greenhouse gases emitted from semiconductor production processes. These systems also provide energy efficiency and large gas flow volume capacity. Responding to growing expectations for cleaner semiconductor production with reduced environmental impact, Ebara is working to make dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems that conserve energy, reduce CO2 emissions and lighten the environmental burden.

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Ebara's Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Ebara's CMP systems enable 300-millimeter semiconductor wafers to be miniaturized and made ultra-smooth, down to the 10- to 20-nanometer level. The company's wafer plating systems, meanwhile, enable high-speed and highperformance processing for depositing fine conductive patterns on the wafers, including bumps, pillars, re-wirings and through-silicon via structures, all of which are essential for new packaging techniques. Finally, Ebara's bevel polishing systems employ novel polishing techniques to process the bevel and backside of the wafers―an area that has attracted attention in recent years as a source of defects amid efforts to improve the yield rate of semiconductor production. Ebara is developing these products while working to meet the challenges posed by semiconductor miniaturization, threedimensional modeling and pressures to cut costs.